Organizing Services

On-Site Assessment $50

Not sure where to start?  Seems like there's an overwhelming project everywhere you turn?  Let's tour your space together, talk about what areas are causing you the most distress, and make a plan that will help you start seeing results at a pace that is comfortable for you and your budget.

During this one hour assessment visit we will:

  • Identify areas of concern and the most logical sequence of tasks to get you the quickest results.

  • Discuss the level of assistance you feel you need.  Do you need a friend by your side to work through each organizing project? Or are you a DIY-er who just needs a fresh set of eyes and some tips to help you see where and how to start?  I can help you with both or any combination in between.

  • Discuss tips and techniques you can implement right away to get you headed towards a more organized, peaceful life.

  • Develop an estimate of the number of sessions needed to help you reach your organizing goals and a schedule that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

Everyone wants to know, "How much is this going to cost me?"

I try to keep it simple and straightforward.

I have an hourly rate of $50 per hour with a two hour minimum per organizing session.

For larger projects, I prefer to do an On-Site Assessment to establish clear goals and an action plan.  Each client and organization challenge is different, but I love using my skills and resources to help you meet your organizing goals.

Have questions? Let's chat! I offer a free 1/2 hour phone consultation for new clients.

Please contact me to schedule a time that works best for you.

Standard Organizing Session

After your on-site assessment, all larger projects are scheduled in 2 to 3 hour sessions. Longer sessions are available if you would like, but most people hit their organizing tolerance at about 3 to 4 hours.

Here are some basic time estimates for some of the projects we can help you with. Please keep in mind that each client and space is unique, so your on-site assessment will give us a better idea of what your project will require.

  • Closet 3-9 hours (1-3 sessions)

  • Bedroom 9-12 hours (3-4 sessions)

  • Kitchen 9-15 hours (3-5 sessions)

  • Garage 9-12 hours (3-4 sessions)

  • Office (including the filing system) 15-24 hours (5-8 sessions)

Just some of the ways I can help . . .

Move In Support

Just moved in? Everything's in a different place and can't figure out how or where to put things away to make your nest cozy? Let's work together to make your home support what you and your family do everyday!

Together we can:

  • Discuss furniture placement ideas in each room to maximize flow, lighting, storage, and accessibility.

  • Help you develop an "un-packing" plan. Moving in can be exhausting.  Where can you focus your energy each day to get moved-in and see that last box broken down?

  • Get your kitchen zones identified so everything will be where you need it, when you need it.

  • Identify where and how to store items with what you already have or make product recommendations that will help you keep things tidy and accessible.

  • Discuss a few basic interior design ideas to help you make your new home your own.

  • Any other organizing solutions to help you get settled.


So many clients have told me, "I can do this myself, I just don't like to do it alone."  Or, "This would never get done if you weren't here!" I can be that friend to show up and cheer you on.  Many view having a regularly scheduled organizing session as part of their self care because the peace of mind that comes from having an orderly space is so valuable to them.

Family Stress

Have you tried helping a family member get organized with minimal results and maximum stress?  Having a professional, neutral party can eliminate a lot of tension and get quick results.

Emotional Support

Sorting through your items can be an emotional journey. I care deeply about people and I'm OK if the tears start flowing.  Together we can decide if it might be time to switch focus, take a break, or call it a day.




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